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News 2014
Flying Fundraising 2014
On Friday 26 Sept 12014 we completed our planned fundraising flight for the following registered charities :
1.  Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research - a national organisation with success in research in care, which is beneficial worldwide : "we're here to beat blood cancer !"
2.  Piam Brown Warda children's cancer unit based in Southampton Hospital, serving central southern England.  They are currently treating the 11 year-old daughter of some friends.
All information on the flight is on our Virgin Money Giving Page here :
Stoney Cross disused airfield - low pass parallel with the old runway 25.
Liz from LRR and my sister Jill are in the layby bottom right (photo from GoPro)
Stoney Cross - Liz & Jill in red LRR t-shirts
Stoney Cross - climbing back up to 1,800ft and departing overhead down to Lymington
Lymington in a patch of sunshine amongst the murky low cloud
Piper PA28 Warrior III, rented for the afternoon (paid for by pilot ! all donations direct to charity)
The weather to the west was dramatically better, hence the change of airfield.  With 900ft cloud base
on the South Downs, it would have been dangerous to try and approach Goodwood from the north.
Marly & Marina the LRR Blenheim Ducks with Pete the PBW parrot enjoying a slice of the legendary
Compton Abbas cake in the sun (worth a visit for the café !).
Pilot with cabin crew
Co-pilot/observer/chief photographer
Departing Compton Abbas - to avoid noise over the village, pilots taking off from runway 26 must
bank right on take-off and head for Melbury Hill
Compton Abbas airfield from the north side
Interesting tree patterns in a field
Longford Castle near Salisbury
Village near Salisbury
Thruxton landing
Been there, got the t-shirt.  Evie won the prize for a big donation for such a small person !
General News 2014
11 July 2014 :
I split the flying photos into 2 tabs : H1 for Jan to June and H2 for July onwards.
We had a great time in Crete in June with windsurfing, mountain-biking, running and working on the house.  I was also able to fly a Cessna 172 with a local friend from Sitia.  It was amazing to fly over our house and then beach, then follow the coast down to Xerokampos and Koufonisi island.
 Kouremenos Beach from the air
28 May 2014 : 
We made another good flight last weekend, around the Salisbury Plain. Since then it's been raining !
May brought mixed weather in UK.  We escaped for a very nice 2 weeks in Crete, enjoying some mountain-biking and windsurfing as well as DIY.  After that we had some warm sunny days in England.  A trip down to Bembridge on the Isle of Wight was great with sunshine and blue sky for a picnic on the grass by the airfield.  Also a good 50km ride on the mountain bike, about 70% off-road.  Finally we got some showers which are actually good for the garden.
"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." (J. B. Priestley)
22 April 2014 : 
April turned out to be a very nice month with a host of flowers everywhere, from daffodils to tulips and white and pink blossom on the trees.  There are many fields full of bright yellow rape and the grass is very green.
After the flight to the south coast and Compton Abbas, I then got back into gliding with a morning refresher course with an instructor, consisting of winch launches, an aerotow and a trip in the motor-glider to practice simulated field landings.  All was well and I then made a 1 hr 30 min flight in a single-seat Grob 102.  The following Monday I made a flight of 4 hrs 10 mins in the Grob climbing up to 5,000 ft QNH.  It was wonderful to be up there in  a glider again.  The next day we flew up to Turweston in the Archer III and had sunshine and blue sky again for that.
I also had 3 excellent rides on the road-bike, the longest being 62 km.
10 April 2014 :
We had an excellent 8 days skiing in the "3 Vallees" in the French Alps in March.  Although staying in Val Thorens, we were skiing the whole area including Courchevel and Meribel.
It's been mixed weather in UK but fairly dry and the sun is a lot stronger when it comes out.  We had a nice trip flying along the south coast from Bridport to Weymouth, Lulworth, Swanage, Corfe Castle to Blandford, then landed at Compton Abbas.
24 March 2014 :
A very nice skiing trip in March (see "Skiing" tab)
12 March 2014 :
A very nice trip to Crete in February was welcome after the bad weather in UK.  However, the weather in England suddenly improved in March and is quite Spring-like ! 
Almond blossom in Crete (Feb 2014) 
17 Feb 2014 :
2014 started very well with a an excellent 2 week ski trip to Les Arcs / La Plagne in France. 
The weather in UK has been severe with gales and flooding, but it's OK where we are.  We had two good flights in February. One was around Basingstoke, Newbury, Uffington White Horse and Avebury. The other was over the Severn bridge, up the Wye valley to Raglan, Monmouth and Ross-on-Wye, south of Gloucester, across to Cirencester with a landing at Kemble / Cotswold airport for lunch.  Two sunny (but windy) days in amongst the bad weather.  We feel VERY sorry for the people in the flooded areas.  It's a terrible situation to be in, so we hope that the floods dry up and help is at hand.